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Tor ehf was founded in 1995. Its products arrive from the catch of the Icelandic fleet, caught around the country. The company bases its production mainly on, cod, haddock, plaice and lemon sole. Tor ehf produces: salted, iqf frozen and fresh products. 



Tor ehf has from it´s founding competed on the fiercely 

competitive fresh fish auction market.



Our policy is to use the best equipment available,

along with our highly qualified staff, who ensure

the high quality level of our products. We aim to  

guarantee to our customers, our standards, goals and

training, along with top quality and tracability to

Icelandic sustainable fishery sources.



Tor ehf is positioned in Hafnarfjordur. Which ensures maximum ability, to source top quality and to deliver products without delay. Whitin a 40 km radius we have; the fishing distribution centers, the countries main

export port and our international airport.

Tor ehf

Eyrartröð 13

220 Hafnarfjörður

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